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Adrian Cowell Farrier, Trade Qualified, AFBA Member
Cert IV Workplace Training and Assessment

Adrian Cowell has been shoeing horses for over twenty years, working as a full time professional farrier since 1997 . His first experience was with thoroughbred race horses in Bombala NSW, and later in the stock camps of Lissadell and Mabel Downs stations in Western Australia’s Kimberley region.

Adrian has his Certificate III in Farriery (Trade). This is the only recognised qualification for farriers in Australia. He served a four year apprenticeship under one of Australia's leading farriers, Greg Murray; firstly in his farriery business in Brisbane, then as the in-house farriers at the Hayes family’s Lindsay Park training and breeding establishment in South Australia. During his apprenticeship Adrian was fortunate to be able to work in a team environment with several skilled equine veterinarians in treating lameness and injuries.

photo: courtesy Definitive Events

Adrian demonstating shoe making at Equitana Asia-Pacific, Melbourne 2005


Continuing Education and Professional Development

Adrian is a member of the Australian Farriers and Blacksmiths Association.  He appreciates the value of continuing education through clinics and competitions.

International farriers are invited to judge competitions and conduct clinics in Australia. Adrian has had the privilege of being judged by or attending clinics with some of the most widely respected farriers in the world.
They include:-

  •  Grant Moon (UK) 6 times World Champion Farrier
  •  David Gulley FWCF (UK)
  •  Haydn Price DWCF (UK) – Farrier for the British Equestrian Team
  •  Edward Martin FWCF MBE (UK)
  •  Jim Ferrie FWCF (UK)
  •  Simon Curtis FWCF (UK) – author -“Farriery-Foal to Racehorse”
  •  Roy Bloom (USA)
  •  Bill Poor (USA) – 2007 World Champion Farrier

     Adrian also regularly attends the Australian Equine Veterinary Association (now EVA) conference for vets and farriers held biennially. Speakers have included:-

  •  Dr Chris Pollitt BVSc, PhD (AUS)
  •  Dr Ric Redden DVM (USA)
  •  Dr J.M.Denoix DVM, PhD (FRA)
  • (Please contact me if I have any qualifications listed incorrectly)

Adrian continues to add to an already extensive library of reference books and videos as well as subscribing to several International farriery and blacksmith related periodicals.

He is a member of the American Farriers Association and the Artist Blacksmiths Association of North America.

Membership of associations and friendships formed through competition and travel also provide a large network of farriers and blacksmiths for advice and support.

It is wonderful to be able to access the knowledge of so many people from across the globe. I enjoy sharing what I have learned with anyone who is interested and am thankful to all of the people who have shared their wisdom with me over the years. I would like to give credit where it is due to those who have great explanations, analogies, and sayings that I have adopted to help explain things to others.                                                                                       Adrian Cowell



Shoeing and forging competitions provide an opportunity for farriers to put themselves under pressure. Feedback from judging allows them to evaluate their own performance and work to raise their skill level. 

As well as gaining educational value from competitions, Adrian has progressed through the Intermediate division and into Open company enjoying success in both individual and team events.

Competition highlights include:-

  •  AFBA Intermediate High Point winner at 2003 National Championships (judge Grant Moon UK)
  •  2003 overall Intermediate National High Point Champion
  •  First place Three Man Draught Horse Shoeing at National Championships 1998 and 2004, second place 2006
  •  First Place Two Man Forging at National Championships 2006, second place 2005
  •  Fourth Place 2006 Mail-in Forging - World Champion Blacksmiths- Calgary; seventh 2007
  •  First Place Open Shoeing- Victorian Championships 2006

"When we ride a horse we borrow freedom"Unknown

Adrian has been riding horses for as long as he has been shoeing. He believes that we are privileged to be allowed to ride horses and that we can learn a lot from being around them; things like honesty and appreciation of the little things.

Both Adrian and Katrina ride with Katrina's main interest being dressage. Adrian enjoys handling young horses, breaking-in and early training. They both love simply going for a ride or taking horses camping on the Snowy River near Adrian's home town of Bombala.

They own a variety of horses ranging from Stockhorse and Welsh Cob crosses to Thoroughbreds and Warmbloods.

Why Maybe Street?

Maybe Street is the main street of Bombala, a town of around 1400 people located on the Eastern side of the Snowy Mountains in NSW, Australia.

Adrian Cowell was born and bred in Bombala and lived there until leaving high school.

His great-uncle Lou Black who was responsible for Adrian's introduction to horses and horseshoeing trained a racehorse also called Maybe Street. Maybe Street was the sire of some of the racehorses that Adrian and his brothers rode before and after school each day.

Since travelling away from Bombala, Adrian has been fortunate to have learned a great deal, however we wanted to make reference to his home town on Monaro where it all began.

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