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Show Shoes

Maybe Street Forge can provide handmade Clydesdale show shoes made to your requirements.

Front shoes have a toe clip, are stamped for seven nails and bevelled on both branches.

Front shoes can be made to match the natural hoof shape or with a more square toe.

Hind shoes have a toe clip, are stamped for seven nails and bevelled on the lateral (outside) branch only. The medial (inside) branch is drawn.

Hind shoes are available with the lateral branch simply bevelled, or with a caulk and trailer.

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Below is our guide to measuring feet to ensure we can provide shoes to suit.

Ideally, the feet should be well maintained so the measurements will be accurate. Measurements should be taken when the foot is trimmed as it will be to receive a shoe.

If there is excessive growth and/or the heels are under-run, as was the case with the feet pictured here, it is helpful to give them a rough trim to facilitate more accurate measurement.

W=Width    L=Outside Length    I.L.=Inside Length    H=Heel Width

Heel width should be measured back at widest part of frog where heels should approximately be trimmed back to.

If measuring shod feet, be careful to measure where edge of foot is, rather than out to the edge of the shoe.

Emailing or sending photographs will also provide extra useful information.

Regular trimming equals good big feet

Heavy horses should have big feet, however, feet which are flared are often mistaken for good feet.

A healthy broad foot is very different to a flared foot.

As with all hoofcare, regular, correct trimming is essential for healthy heavy horse feet. Even the most well forged show shoes will not camouflage weak feet brought about by many months of neglect.

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