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Photo Gallery

Some examples of everyday work and also a few shoes made for competitions or forging practice.

« Front Draught Shoe  

       Hind Foot on Warmblood Mare »

« Clydesdale Front View

             Clydesdale Feet From Side »

« 2006 Calgary Mail-in Shoe
    4th Place

            2007 Calgary Mail-in Shoe
                                    7th Place »

« Front foot on dressage horse

           Hind foot on eventing horse »

« Hind foot on Thoroughbred race

            Bar Shoe on front foot of
            Thoroughbred race horse »

« Heart Bar Shoe with hospital
    treatment plate

        Egg Bar/Heart Bar hind shoe »

« Front foot on Andalusian horse

                Unclipped front shoe on
                        Warmblood mare »

« Roadster style shoe from
    5/8" square stock

    Egg Bar Shoe and wedge pad with
            frog support on Warmblood
                            dressage horse »

« Heels of the shoe fitted where
    the foot should be

        Polyurethane medial extension
       on foal with angular deformity »
« Front foot of campdrafting
    stock horse

               Front feet on stock horse »

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