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On request, Maybe Street Forge produces custom metal art, giftware, gardenware, and furniture.

Our items incorporate a mixture of traditional forgework and modern fabrication. This allows us to make unique pieces that are still affordable. If you are after ironwork made by more traditional methods that is fine, however, it will take longer to make and be more expensive than a fabricated item with handmade features.

Items range from being quite simple and rustic to elaborate detailed pieces made up of smaller elements.

Trophies: We can make custom trophies for horse clubs, old engine clubs etc. or can work with you to fit any theme you may have in mind.

Horse Shoes: Handmade horseshoes can be made to order for gifts or decorations. Draught horse shoes with heel caulks make great features mounted on gates. Smaller shoes look good on doors or hung for good luck.


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