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We offer clinics for farriers of all levels, station horseshoers, as well as an introduction to creative blacksmithing.

Farrier Training

Clinics and coaching can be arranged for individuals or groups, covering all aspects of farriery from management of the barefooted horse, to competition forging and therapeutic shoe making.

Emphasis is placed on correct trimming and how to make and fit shoes in accordance with the basic principles of hoof balance.

These clinics are for professional development of qualified tradesmen, and coaching and mentoring of those entering the trade.

Shoeing the Stockhorse

These clinics have been developed for people whose circumstances require them to shoe their own horses, eg station staff, stockmen, others in regional and remote areas.

They are designed for those who have some experience trimming and nailing to feet. By providing an outline of the fundamental principles of farriery and dispelling popular myths, we aim to improve the comfort, performance and overall welfare of their horses.

Becoming a competent farrier requires years of dedication and continuing education. Such knowledge cannot be imparted in a short course, however attending ongoing clinics will further lift skills, improve efficiency and provide horses with an even higher standard of care.

(Where possible I always recommend that people have their horse shod by a qualified professional).

Introduction to Blacksmithing

Forged iron work has a magical appeal that has fascinated people for centuries. It can be used to make items solely from iron or as part of your woodwork or fabricated steel projects.

Due mainly to the great interest created by our blacksmithing demonstration at the Bombala Historical Engine & Machinery Society rally since 2000, we have designed a series of clinics for those wishing to get started with some decorative blacksmithing. Group sizes are limited to allow hands-on participation. 

Participants learn about the fundamental processes, of drawing out and upsetting, as well as maintaining the forge fire, basic tong making and forge welding. Participants also make an item to take home.

Please contact us for more information on clinics

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